When I first got my '91 Base model Mariner Blue Miata, I had a list of things I wanted to do to it. I started with a 240W CD changer system.
Then, I added some 15" Fittipaldi 500 wheels. The wheel/tire change turned out to be quite a headache, and after about 30,000mi, I returned to the stock steel rims - ugly, but trouble free.

I had performance mods in mind, but I had just stepped up from a 1980 Honda Civic to a brand new 1991 Miata, quite a performance upgrade right there. I decided that I could probably get in enough trouble with 116HP, and truly, I can.

Over the next 5 years, I bought a house (read- no car money), and did various low-cost things to the car:

In 1996 the Miata was paid off (simultaneously with the student loan), rather than a new car, or saving for retirement, I think it's time for some serious performance mods. The October 1990 issue of Sports Car International featured a Cartech Turbo Miata, that is essentially what I've wanted all along, and that's what I'm doing now:

The following are yet to be done:

And these things I haven't decided if I'm going to do or not:
The Miata Features Table makes a nice baseline reference for what Miatas have come equipped with over the years.

Last updated December 22, 1998