Take control of your privacy.

Download and install the Free Edition, decide if you like StegaMail enough to purchase it. Click on one of the payment buttons below, complete your payment and then send me an email with your MachineID, which can be found on the Help-About tab of StegaMail Free Edition, there's a helpful button there to send the email, too.

I will send you a reply email with instructions on how to get the paid edition of StegaMail. The paid edition includes the ability to encode and decode Stealth Mode images which have no watermarking and require a secret key of your choosing to view the hidden text.

At this time, I don't have any fancy auto-fulfillment software, or staff. If StegaMail becomes wildly popular, I will look into it, but for now, it's a simple one man operation, manual fulfillment. You pay, you send me an email with your Machine ID, I get the email, verify payment, and send you the (exceedingly simple) activation instructions.

Note: I do check my email fairly often, but there will usually be a 24 to 48 hour delay between when I receive your message and when you receive the instructions from me... occasionally longer if I happen to be away for a weekend or something.

The $4.99 StegaMail license is good for all StegaMail products and upgrades for a period of up to 2 years after the purchase. There is no time bomb in StegaMail that will stop working after any time, you may use the version you have forever. The key, and license, is specific to your individual computer (Machine ID). If you get a new computer within the 2 year period, you can get a new license for free, if you get a new computer after the 2 year period, it's possible I have misplaced your purchase record by then and you might have to buy a new license. Hey, if you're using it that much, a new license every couple of years is pretty cheap, isn't it?

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