Steganos Graphei made easy.

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The latest version of StegaMail is 1.0.1

Click Here to download the StegaMail Free Edition installer for Windows PCs.

SHA1 hash (as generated here, or with the SHA1 tool of your choice):

hex: a7b2d50fd7e5334cfe79bc6f9a9ff9ea3d4f8d67
base64: p7LVD9flM0z+ebxvmp/56j1PjWc=

If you are interested in Linux or Mac versions of StegaMail, please leave an encouraging comment on the blog.

Cryptographic message hiding and watermark removal is only available in the Paid Edition.

If you live in a country that has legal restrictions on cryptography, make sure you know what you are doing before you install any steganographic or cryptographic software on your computer.

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The Image tab shows you the secret text and removes the watermark.

Ordinary image viewing software (including web browsers, editors, etc.) will not show the secret text.

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