Own a Piece of the Peace

20 acres of natural Florida with 610 feet of high-banked Peace River frontage.

Peace River

A winding grass road takes you from the entrance gate through private woods to a flowing well with creek and waterfall into a small pond.

Grass Road
Flowing Well

In the trees, overlooking the pond and waterfall is a sturdy elevated deck, ready to be finished with a small cabin, or left as an open platform.

Platform in the trees

Boating for miles up and downstream is possible when the river depth is 3' or more at the Arcadia measuring station. Our kids have had tons of fun wading in the river when it is shallow.


Year-round canoeing on the Peace River


Like most riverfront land, this piece will flood on rare occasions, but after the floodwaters recede, the road is passable and most of the land dries quickly. Click here for a historical graph of Peace River levels. To crest these 610' of river bank, the river needs to rise above 16' gage height. I beleive the red line on the graph is where the lowest lying houses along the river begin to flood.

Turkey in Road

This is old Florida, unspoilt nature with wildlife not found in the cities. We have seen deer, hog, bobcats, foxes, fox squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, possums, armadillo, alligators, turtles, tortoise, turkey, quail, hawks, and bats on the land, ibis and jumping fish in the river, and many peaceful hours watching the water while breathing the clean air.

Bobcat Buck
Big Oak

This 20 acre piece of the Peace is for sale by owner for $201,500,
may subdivide into 10 acre parcels.

email "mangocats at gmail dot com," or telephone area code three five two 275-9081, for more information


Wide area satellite photo