Our Piece of the Peace has been sold

10 acres of natural Florida with 305 feet of high-banked Peace River frontage.

Peace River

Boating for miles up and downstream is possible when the river depth is 3' or more at the Arcadia measuring station. Our kids have had tons of fun wading in the river when it is shallow.


Year-round canoeing on the Peace River


This is old Florida, unspoilt nature with wildlife not found in the cities. We have seen deer, hog, bobcats, foxes, fox squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, possums, armadillo, alligators, turtles, tortoise, turkey, hawks, and bats on the land, ibis, otter and jumping fish in the river, and many peaceful hours watching the water while breathing the clean air.

Bobcat Buck
Big Oak

This piece of the Peace has been sold.


Wide area satellite photo