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Mango Cats is a game for Palm Computing devices
(OS 3.0 and higher)
© 1999-2000 by Mike Inman.

Download it here and play today! MangoCats.prc (14K) or (8K)

The object of the game is to get 5 Mangoes or 5 Cats in a row. Cats and Mangoes are moved around the screen by tapping them, or the spaces next to them. They behave in a somewhat predictable manner when tapped, though Mangoes and Cats do have different "personalities."

Once you make a row with Mangoes or Cats, for the highest score, you should try to make the next row with the other kind. The indicator in the upper right tells what type of row you made last, and how many times you have repeated that type - the more repeats, the lower the score. Screen Shot If you can line up both Mangoes and Cats at the same time, that's called Mango Cats!, and doubles that score. If you move Mangoes around, then line them up in the same place they were last time, that's Deja Mangoes! - which has no effect on scoring. Ditto for Deja Cats! If you keep lining up Mangoes or Cats on the edge of the screen, they will start to get "edgy" and jump toward the middle on their own, without being tapped. Scoring anywhere besides the edges of the screen will relieve their edginess.

There are meters on both sides of the playing field that show the taps remaining for Mangoes and Cats, Mangoes on the left, Cats on the right. Scoring points will recharge the meter for whoever just lined up 5 in a row, if the row is in a different direction from the last row that was scored. Screen Shot In other words, if Mangoes make a vertical row, then the next row of Mangoes are also vertical - the second score will not count for taps recharge. The hatch pattern of the bars tell what type of row is needed to get a tap recharge. Taps run out more quickly as the total score increases. The game is over when either Mangoes or Cats are tapped out.

The sound effects volume level in Mango Cats is controlled under Applications - Prefs - General - Game Sound. You can leave a Mango Cats game to go to another application, then pick up where you left off later. For more detailed information, see the hints page.

Mango Cats is donationware - if you, or your children, enjoy playing, I would appreciate it if you would send me a $9 donation:

Anybody who is interested can checkout the MangoCats source code here. You'll need the CodeWarrior PalmOS toolkit (or something compatible) to build it.

Happy Tapping.

Also available from MangoCats software: