HⒶ Protocols

The Hobbyist Protocol Series

The HⒶ protocols branch off from the DⒶ series before they begin tracking shares (value). Omission of value tracking keeps messages smaller, processing simpler, and more clearly classifies use of the protocol as a hobby activity - compliant with regulated services like Amateur
*See § 97.113(a)2 and 3
*See Part 2.6(b)
. Even in the world of hobby communication, there are needs for certification of authorship of messages and trustable immutable records, particularly when the communication is not face to face and at a global scope.

HⒶ0 picks up after DⒶ9, with a definition of a station ID to include not only a public key but also the station callsign or similar human recognizable name.

HⒶ1 defines formats for QSL card exchange.

HⒶ2 defines formats for contact logging.

Many more to come.