Engine parameter graphing, recording and analysis software for the Palm Pilot and Link Engine management computers.

AnaLink Graphic Playback I wrote AnaLink to collect and analyze data from my Flying Miata MiataLink computer. To use AnaLink, you'll need a car equipped with a Link ECU and SerialLink datalogging box or equivalent, and something to correctly plug the SerialLink into your PalmPilot.

The graphs are drawn while recording. During playback, you can scroll through the graphs and point at any area of interest to see the exact values in the text line that generated that point. You can also switch to a text only screen to view 14 lines of text at a time. These text lines can appear exactly as they came out of the SerialLink, or they can be reconfigured and translated various ways, one useful option is to translate RPM and MAP into Zone numbers for easier tuning.

Files to download:

AnaLink.prc v1.7 (39K), and don't forget the demo data: RunData (92K), and a demo map: MapData (1K). The AnaLink .PDB to .TXT convertor alc.exe v1.0 (13K) is a DOS command line tool to allow data collected on the Pilot to be exported to spreadsheets, friends without Palm Pilots, etc. AnaLink_Translator.exe v1.0 (297K) is the Win95 version. All of these goodies are explained in the online manual.
The Fine Print:
Demoware, requires PalmOS 2.0, tested on my PalmPilot Professional, no complaints here, no warranties expressed or implied, standing on or above this step can cause you to lose your balance.

There's a description of using AnaLink to help setup a new ECU installation here.
AnaLink Realtime Numeric Display


AnaLink 2.0 for binary mode ECUs is finally here! AnaLink20.prc (17K)
This is a pre-release, but according to all accounts, and my own limited testing it does work with all binary mode (new) FM-ECU SerialLink output, 1.8, 1.6, Turbo, N/A, Supercharged, etc. The main thing that is missing in this pre-release is a button in the program which allows you to delete recorded data. At this juncture, you must delete the whole app with the Palm Launcher program and re-install it to get rid of the data. That, and the other useful features from v1.7 will be incorporated into 2.x as time allows.

AnaLink FAQ

A1: The user's manual covers most aspects of how to install, use, acquire required hardware, etc.
Q: Will AnaLink work on my Ford, Chevy, Honda, normal Miata, etc.?
A: Sadly, no. AnaLink requires RS232 data, which almost no factory cars provide. However, many aftermarket ECUs do provide RS232 data in a format similar to what AnaLink reads. If you are logging data on a notebook computer through the serial port and you know the format it's transmitted in, in all likelyhood, AnaLink can be modified to cover your application.
Q: Show me the Money!
A: By lack of popular demand for a few years, AnaLink is no longer for sale.
Q: What PIMs can I run AnaLink on?
A: So far, AnaLink has been tested on a Pilot Professional and a PalmIII. Any device that runs Palm OS2.0 or higher should be fine. This does not include the original Palm Pilots unless they have had their OS upgraded. Handspring Visors are really cool PDAs, but not really well suited to datalogging in the Miata, yet.... I'd advise staying with the Palm III or IIIx- people have also reported satisfaction running AnaLink on the Palm V. AnaLink will not work on Windows CE machines.
Q: How about binary mode?
A: AnaLink 2.0 will do binary mode- many cool possibilities with binary mode, but I'm not going to attempt to program it until my MK1 ECU outputs a binary mode data stream.
Q: Where can I find out tons and tons of information about my Link ECU and how to tune it?
A: is the most informative Miata tuning mailing list on the planet, and the website has big archives. Also, is a bottomless well of information on Miata ownership, with some power tips - but they're more oriented toward soft-top care and which aftermarket shift knob feels the coolest...

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